Dragon ball z vegeta's big bang vfx


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Made This Personal Vfx Test In unity Inspired from the Dragon ball z’s vegeta big bang in the dbz figher game.
learnt alot in this test, used Shader graph unity, photoshop for textures and 3ds max for 3d models.
note character of vegeta is downloaded from google and animations from mixamo.

my artstation : https://www.artstation.com/cleverjack360

I think the colours and overall timing of elements are on point. The VFX hits the proper beats, but some elements could also use a little more love, his Saiyan aura in particular. It sticks out like a sore thumb against the other elements as it is clearly just a billboard with very little overall variation and interesting movement.

Also I think the climactic moment right before the projectile is fired could be underlined more. If these 2 points are addressed, I think you have a very solid looking piece there :slight_smile:

thanks for such a detailed review on the piece
i will definitely look upon the points you told and try to achieve better :slight_smile:

thanks mate