Disintegration + Particle System projectile (first attempt, WIP)


I’ve been using this awesome tutorial here on how to disintegrate material and then I slightly tweaked it, so it can work with the particle system.


Inside Material:

Inside Func:

Inside Actor:


Isssue: it looks very 90s’ lol. I’m not even sure where I was going with this. I’m teaching myself VFX and it’s a first slightly more complicated thing I’ve tried doing.

I’d appreciate suggestions, opinions and all.

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Hy !

First, for the moment i think the particles and colors and shapes seems good to me
For me it’s more of a rhythm problem. First everything is going to quickly and unsychronised. Your projectile travel way to fast and for a ridiculous short distance, we don’t really have the time to see it. I suggest you to expend a lot more this distance.
Your red glow is quitte disturbug and his color don’t match the colors of the other particles. He should pop on the same time your projectile is shot.
the disolve is unsychronised with the shot. I think you should try to start the disolve when the projectile hit your object ( or character ).
Also you may lack of impact sometimes. Maybe you should have some effects ( like hit effect or something like that ) at the moment when the projectile hit the ocject and also when he has finished disolving.
In advice maybe you can try adding smoke ( like your material is quickly burn ) or to spam little particles when the object is disolving to give the feeling that the material is disolving in the air like embers.
For the shadders and the artistic part of your particules I think you are doing well. For my opinion it’s just that the wall system i way to choatic and lack rythm.
I apologize for the uncertain English but I’m not used to writing so much and in such a technical language.
Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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Really cool first start! Id agree that it seems out of sync atm though, with the disintegration happening when the projectile is shot rather than when the projectile hits the subject, on that level it’s a little confusing.

And the muzzle flash color seems at odds with the rest of the scheming. Maybe try matching it to the orange the rest of the scene has and turning it red as it fades out

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Thank you guys for your time and insight. I’ve been looking at that for too long it started to make sense. But now I see. Will adjust accordingly :slight_smile:
Appreciate your help!