Disintegrate Spell - WIP

I’m working on a disintegrate spell effect as a person project. I’m using free assets from the Unreal Marketplace for the characters and background, but the magic VFX are all mine. The magic particle systems are created in Niagara which was a fun learning experience for me.

I’d like to polish this effect further, so I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticism.


The trail and the disintegration effects are great, I think the casting and the impact need some work though. The style is very potteresk so check out what they do in the movies for spell flashes.

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@Richard, Thank you for the feedback!
I’ve updated it with better anticipation and impact effects.


I’ll try to do an explanation of the disintegration effect sometime soon, as I think it would be interesting from a technical standpoint. I’m spawning all the particles at once, but hide them until they are “emitted”, and I had to sync the particle emission with the material effect.

For now, I think I’m going to call this “finished” (nothing is ever really finished), as I want to move on to some other ideas I have for personal projects.

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Eyyy I like it, that’s looking sweet!

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