Discord server

Hello, I create a discord server to talk VFX, animation; rigging… Do you want a link ?


Hey Rex, saw you on our discord server already but in case someone else wants to join: Discord


Is this any different than the one @undertone setup earlier? Do we need to do a better job supporting an official one? (I’m not a Discord user yet, so this is all slightly new to me)

Well, me/glad tried to get a hold of the original creator since he has admin rights.
Since he is the only one who can set up some more security and make sure nobody but some admins can add/remove channels and such we kinda need him but so far no reply.

Perhaps you can try trough dm/email?

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It’s the same Discord I setup a few months ago, but I haven’t been active in there. Luous, I’ve made you and Adreas Glad admins in there.

There’s a side thread by Rex pimping a different discord channel “vfx-CGI”,

Rex was auto blocked appearantly.

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Rex did join the official discord channel, cant say much about the person but I think he was just excited.
I think a (stern?) warning would be enough instead of a ban/block.

thanks for making me and Glad admins. We’ll handle the banhammer and admin rights with care :slight_smile:

@Rex - It doesn’t look like your account was blocked, just that those posts were flagged - we have a fairly aggressive filtering system for new users (the only real defense that keeps 100s of bots spamming posts here every day). Thanks for your excitement to keep the conversations flowing!

@Luos_83 Let me know if I can help with branding, or cross connections, etc. I know there are quite a few extensions between discourse and discord (although I’ve barely skimmed them). I want to do everything I can to interconnect all of these awesome platforms.