Dim : Embergen Challenge

Final Submission


Nice topic!

What came to mind first is my favorite movie of childhood “Starship Troopers” and this “reverse” bombarding bugs:
[Here was violent YouTube video from the movie Starship Troopers “Best of: STARSHIP TROOPERS (1 of 2)”]

Don’t want to stick with the movie’s world, but let’s see what I can come up with.

Doodled some thoughts with the scene vision.

1: Bugs from the movie constantly bombarding some huge and tall wall.

2: Dropship flies over the terrain that is bombarded by the bugs or even just by something not even showed in scene. Heavy rain, thunder, lightnings.

3: Forest fairies having a war with insects. As ammunition they are using magical spheres made by elves from Lapland Rosebay flowers.
Distanced from original idea vision, made it just to understand if I do want to go this far.

Will go with 2nd vision, it has some flexibility, as all the scene is dynamic. So the plan is to define / produce minimal required content to make the scene alive and then add more if there is any time left before deadline.

Started to mess around in UE4, never used it before for production of anything reliable, so it’s going to be beneficial challenge for me with this engine skills as a prize :wink:

Nothing done yet, just simple camera animation applied.


I’m going to use some Megascans assets to fill the terrain and my own asset done back in a days as a drop ship https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XB2EBn.

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How do I “like” to switch engines, UE4 is quite a challenge for me, specifically because I don’t have pipelines or shaders in a pocket to play with. Made a small sequence and some shader to go with.

Had some work related issues, so was out of loop for a while. Hope will catch up with other guys soon.

Made projectile texture today.


Changed lighting to match the reference.
Checked if the particle shader still holds. There are some bugs in a 6pl shading, but probbably don’t have time to fix, unless will have some extra time later.
Done some blocking, will rush to fill all the blocks with content.

My biggest culprit is an unfamiliarity with UE4 as I see.

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Add some draft projectiles effects, fog planes on ground, smokes to the dropships.

Not much of a progress today, just made a dust particle texture.
Failed WIP_4_1 Used WIP_4_2


Finally started to work on explosions today, seems like need to crack the resolution for textures a bit.
Made couple textures for explosion basement.
WIP_5_1 WIP_5_2

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Slowly moving towards tomorrow, looks like it will end up unpolished, still too much things to add, most of the stuff does not exist or still WIP and requires a lot of extra love.
Add some models:

WIP_6_3 WIP_6_6
Made a bit more action happening so it’s not so boring.

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So… this is my final submission, would love to have a time for detailing and polishing.
It was fun challenge.


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