"Digital Fire" VFX inspired by 5919

Inspired by @5919 and his amazing digital fire effect, I wanted to give it a go myself. Learned that trails can be smooth when giving them a velocity range if you set spawn perunit fairly high (UE4). So cool, had no idea!


Best use of ribbons ive seen in a long time!

Would be cool if we ue4-peeps had a decent particle line emitter though.
Maybe we should look at some of the vfx guys at epic.

That would be amazing. Your talking about something like this, correct? -


Line/Ribbon/Trail render modes are on our list for a complete rethink, for sure. Probably a ways off yet but there’s a general plan in place for how to make that stuff better (robust smoothing, particles have unique IDs for data sharing and crosstalk within the emitter as it decides where to lay polygons, events, ribbons/trails drawn between emitters, “disconnect” or “reconnect” based on proximity, render 3d shapes, different camera alignment modes, those kinds of things.)


HNNNG :slight_smile:

You peeps know how to make a cascade-nerd get all fluid-sim. :stuck_out_tongue: