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Made a small still life type thingy and added a breakdown for the burn shader here


really cool effect, thanks for the break down! and also thanks for linking my flow map tutorial :smiley: but even thought the words are displayed as link, i think the link it self doesn’t work. At least for me I can’t click it (I mean, I can, but nothing happens :smiley: ).


Thanks for sharing. Amazing as usual!


Aah, there was a small typo in the link, it should be fixed now.


I added a quick breakdown for the procedural post-process glitch shader here


A car transformation shader I’ve been working on for school.


That is awesome :scream:


Thanks man! but I think we are probably going to go for a disassembly/reassembly type effect instead, where each piece of the car falls away, this one looked too noisy and is dictated by topology.


Wonderful! May I ask you which is thr principle for this kind of effect? Which function do you use for vertex displacement?


In this case I;m using houdini to store unique pivot locations for every poly on the mesh, and in unreal I’m using the PivotPainter Functions to get the forward vector and using it to displace the mesh based on the blueprint location.


Started working on the Disassmbly/Re-assmbly type thing


Absolutely lovely.
Although I think you might be overdoing it a bit in this case.
The fade to blue is super cool, but I’m not sure if it makes sense in this case, you are just dissasembelling a car right? Not ressetting the matrix :smiley:


hehe fair point , but the matrixy thing is out of necessity, you don’t see it here because I haven’t prepped the second car, but the end concept is to transform into another car, I’m using the blue matrixy thing to essentially hide the geo swap that will happen as the car geometry swaps for the new car as it re-assembles.

Perhaps I should go with something more subtle?


Maybe spin them around and scale them down a bit and hope people miss the swap?
You could also add some extra trash elements like bolts and such that would move from one car to the other without changing so people are even less likely to see it?


hmmm, that’s actually an interesting solution. I’ll have to pitch that to the other people in my group and see how they feel about that.


Trying some variations on the transition effect before we decide on one to move forward with.


Second one looks great. Bringing down the parts count has cut a bunch of the noise out. Reads really nicely.


Thanks, Next step is to give more defined pivot directions for each piece right now it’s just spherical, have the wheels go straight out to each side, roof go up etc.


Wooow, awesome stuff here! :scream::sparkles: I’ve seen your shaders on twitter, like the cool burn shader and the car transformation shader. Although I’m very new, thanks fo the breakdown on your page. Mooooore!


Sounds like a great reason to watch Transformers, ha