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Post-Process Materials are materials applied to the Rendered Screen buffer as post process, it’s kind of like a screen space filter for the scene. If you look at the settings on the PostProcess Volume in Unreal, you have the option to use Materials. Some of the default settings like “Grain Jitter” etc are examples of post-process materials. You can read up here


ooh that’s actually a really good idea, that would add nicely to the scene.


I love your scene ! Really cool stuff !


Hi, you scen is relay nice, it could be outstanding scene of blade runner! The bus driver station! :smiley:
My famous think is the poping up busstation sign!

Dont get me wrong, your rain awsome! :slight_smile:

cheers Emre :smiley:


Thanks dude! I definitely took inspiration from the rainy night cyberpunk street esthetic. :slight_smile:


Saw this awesome Fog of War shader on twitter

and I had to try and recreate something similar in UE4, my implementation is really shit right now using material Functions, but I’m trying to learn some C++ wizardry so that I can implement it in the global Geometry shader


Trying to make the VertexShader function more extendable so it be re-used for different things


You sir, are amazing.


This thread is nice man! Keep up the good moves!


Added a quick write-up for the Teleportation shader effect here Teleport Shader


Great writeup! One of the final result images is broken on your blog though.


aah thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix that up soon.


Hi, I was looking at your hologram shader, but there’s a MF_FloatNoise 2D that I am not sure how to recreate, since it’s a custom function. What does it do exactly? Or maybe it’s in another tutorial that I’ve missed?


MF_FloatNoise2D is basically the same as the 3D Noise function I cover, the only difference being it takes a Vec2 input and outputs a psuedorandom scalar value. If you scroll down that post some more, I show you the graph for that function.


Ah thank you very much :smiley:


Test render for a location based foliage growth shader, Meshes are just scaled in the shader atm. I still need to bring my growth vertex animations out of houdini, unfortunately I’m only using an apprentice license atm, so I don’t think I can export that. All assets are from the free samples in megascans.


Awesome work and write ups thanks man!


Quick little Post-Process glitch effect I made this morning after seeing Klemen Lozar’s Tweet. Made Procedurally.

The Nodes:


Fun little burn shader using flowmaps and a spheremask


Added a Pixellation layer to the glitch effect, looks more glitch-like now, I think.