DeepSpaceBanana: Sketch #18 - Hologram

I think I’ll actually be able to finish this time, only one week of school left, so I’ll have time to finish this after. Not using Niagara, but maybe I should consider it for this challenge seems like a nice opportunity to get familiar. At the moment it’s entirely shader driven using pivot painter data from houdini.

Using the Mannequin for now, but for the final effect, maybe I’ll make something like a starmap or a Terrain/City Map. Any ideas are welcome.

EDIT: Minor Update


This looks really nice, some cool things going on here from a technical point of view.

It would be interesting to see if you can apply some logic as to why the hologram is coming in and out of focus - is it being calibrated, or is there a warm-up period before the hologram can take shape? I’m almost imagining the cone angle directly contributing to the hologram being in focus (like manual focus on a camera); that might be a nice idea to play with. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I really like the idea of cone angle affecting the hologram being in focus.

My initial thought was the hologram taking some time to be calibrated, they had a similar cubey version of the effect in one of the seasons of the Clone Wars TV show

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Some minor Updates, Added some RGB offset and pixelation effect. Also, some more parameters to control the brightness etc of the hologram light shaft.

Ran into some trouble as I am using Custom Depth for some things in the shader, and because I’m using an additive/Translucent material…I can’t Isolate stuff in custom depth using scene color…I have to brute force using a postProcess Material.

I think I might copy some stuff over from my PostProcess glitch effect, so that the pixellation effect is isolated only certain parts. DeepSpaceBanana Art - Art