Dark Star Aurelion Sol (Fan Art)

Dark Star Aurelion Sol Pasive

I’ve been frustrated for a long time to not have a Dark Star skin for Aurelion Sol (one of my favorites champions in League of Legends). Here is a Dark Star version of the passive skill made with Unity (Shuriken, Amplify Shader, URP).

Inspired on the concept art from Ron Broyde (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9erKdq)
I’ll try to make each spell of the champion :wink:


I love it! the colours and the panning textures are amazing :slight_smile:

Do you mind if you can show what kind of textures you use for that awesome panning trail?

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wooo that’s pretty cool, I would advise you to speed up the hit effect :wink:
good luck for the next spells !!!

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I used this texture I’ve painted on Photoshop and use it for many effects. It already has some fireish/smocky appearance so it’s usefull for many effect I create (I have a kind of texture toolbox). I’ve painted it for this fireball effect.


Really cool! I’ll try it out when I’ll paint my next trail :slight_smile:
Thanks for showing it!

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nice shape texture , thx!

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Riot Beardilocks, vfx lead on skins for League here.

This looks super awesome!

You’ve done a really amazing job capturing the thematic. The shapes you’ve got in there are great, and there’s some really cool dynamic motion on the trails.

If I had to give some constructive feedback though, I think you could adjust the colours of the trail slightly.

Increasing the contrast on the ball itself by making the values brighter in the glow around the ball will help to improve the visual hierarchy.

Additionally, I think something the concept did really well was use a very wide range of hues, going from yellow to saturated orange, through violet into purple.

I think you could push some of the hues at the dark part of the trail to include more blues, and get some more saturated oranges near the ball.

Overall this is some fantastic work though, and these are just minor polish points. Great job!


Wow thank you for your feedback ! I’ll take account on all of this ^^ :ok_hand:

Here’s the Celestial Expansion (W spell), I’ve took account all of your feedbacks and made some tweaks on the passive effect :wink:


Time to gather the necessary matter !

I’ve worked a lot of time on this one but I think I’m on a good way now. The most difficult was to keep objects visibility behind the spell and still have a cool looking effect. I also had to manage the spell size growth and still have a good render and visibility when the star become huge. I inspired myself a little on the Dark Cosmic Lux E spell, mostly about orbiting rocks.


I love this ! You inspired me to make fan art for aurelion myself! :slight_smile:
I am trying to go with a shadow isles theme.


This one was really difficult to me but after some iterations, here we are ! Don’t esitate to give me a feedback on this one (andd other of course ^^ ), I really want to make a really cool dark star explosion !!


Hi ! Here’s the Comet Of Legend Spell (3rd spell). I adjusted the starsurge a bit to have more harmonious colors between each spell.

As always, don’t hesitate to give me feedbacks :wink: (I really need it)


And finaly done it ! Here’s the Ultiimate one “Voice Of Light”. I tried to draw a concept for this one (to test other workflows). It was really usefull !

Here’s the spell in Unity

And the concept

Now let’s polish all of this. As always, give me the most feedbacks you can, esoecially about the things to improve ! \o.o/


Love the smoky trails they look so good ! i wonder how you achieved that, is that a flipbook ?
Anyway such a nice ultimate, well done :grinning:


It’s an hand painted texture scrolling on a ribbon.

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