Dani: Sketch #48

Hello! It’s been a while since I tried to take part in a challenge!
I will be creating a 2d campfire in photoshop :blush:

I want to get better with timing and noting helps me more than hand drawing frames bhwhahah.

Here are some of my fire practice doodled so far:

Will do some more of these and then start the animation process :slight_smile:

Updated fire version:


these flames look super cool! well done! one day it would be awesome to see a speed-drawing-video on stuff like this :heart: :fire:

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Looks neat Daniélle! Though I have the impression you posted under the wrong event!

oh really? :open_mouth: I haven’t used this site much so that might be the case! :x

These look awesome! Nice silhouettes and motion.
I’m planning to get into 2d VFX this year and I’m trying to figure out what app would be best. I’m curious to know what app you’re using?

Personally I am using photoshop to create all of my things. I am also using photoshop to animate them. I know it’s not the best software for this, but in all honesty. It hasn’t failed me yet bhwhaha. Learn techniques, not software is what I’ve been taught :blush:

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Jesus, I find it difficult to animate anything in PS. I applaud you!

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