Could Someone Make BattleCast W Fire Trail Effect In Unity?

Could someone make it Like Tutorial in Unity? Thanks.

Im new here so i dont know what i must choose category.Ekran Alıntısı

Welcome to the forum!

I would recomment using Google or search on Youtube for tutorials, before asking that someone makes one for you. :slight_smile:

Here is one for example:


No one is going to make a tutorial specifically for you on this particular effect.

You should watch other tutorials to learn the basics of VFX. After that you should break down the effect and say hmm, how could I do this or that.

Best way to learn is to try over and over again.


That’s right!

Of course, it’s always a little bit overwhelming when one is learning new things so that a little guide can be helpful.

A better way of asking, if someone is doing something for you, is to ask how something like this specific effect can be done. Actually, in the RealtimeVFX Discord chat, there is sa specific room about “How would you do this?” :slight_smile:


Should/can i make this in particle system or trail renderer?

To get the style you mentioned, I would use the trail renderer with a nice, handpainted texture.

But for your information, it’s also possible to get interesting trails with “normal” particles:

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Thanks for the help! I have to ask 1 more thing: how can i make it acting like Illaoi’s stuff? I mean how can i make it like distanced object? If i cant i wont add trail renderer

Can you show an example from Illaoi? I’m not sure if I understand what exactly you’re going to do.
Also, not sure what you mean with “distanced object”. Could you explain that a little bit more - maybe by adding screenshots, a sketch or example video?

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I meant that if i add trail renderer, the full model of illaoi have trail. İm trying to add trail her gun

I guess illaoi is a hero of league of legensd? it would be nice if you provide more information, because not everyone knows every game :smiley: a detailled description of your problem is always a good start to help others help you. :slight_smile:

in any way: usually you can add bones/helper (i think in unity they are called “empties”) and you should be able to attach a trail renderer to this.

i would recommend: try to implement it and show us your results. this will help us understand what problems you’re stuck with.

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You meant that you can add ''empty game object on Illaoi’s gun right?
And yeah Illaoi is hero of League of Legends.

This could be interesting for you:

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