Copying Niagara Assets to Upstream Engine Version?

Note: I’m looking for any pro-tips/user hacks on this, as I know it’s an abstract workflow:

My team works in a variety of engine version numbers and custom builds across a variety of unreal projects, which means that the value of a centralized library of assets or solutions for us is massive, however, because most Unreal assets don’t even show up in “upstream” version numbers (i.e. going from 4.27 → 4.26, this is usually an extremely manual labor process. With that said, we can usually get by on a few things: textures can obviously be stored as textures, not uassets. Materials mostly copy and paste as a text shader (with manual fixes for dependencies and global material properties), etc.

Where I’m getting stuck currently is Niagara. The best workflow I can find for moving a niagara asset upstream requires me to manually copy modules between state sections of individual emitters, however I cannot find a way to copy global parameters, emitter stacks, etc, making this an almost entire manual rebuild for each effect.

Does anyone have any advice or neat tricks that I haven’t thought of yet?

For this discussion, let’s ignore that modules are being rapidly updated and will likely break between versions - if you need, let’s imagine I’m moving from a 5.1++ to vanilla 5.1.