Controlling Motion Vector strength over lifetime

Hi all,

I’m trying to control the motion vector strength over a particles lifetime in Unreal 4.20 so that an explosion is snappy at the beginning and then slow’s down the frames at the end, I setup my material the same as Klemen’s tutorial and have 2 dynamic parameters for ‘Time’ and ‘FPS’, but I’m getting strange results of the fps not aligning with the particle lifetime.

Any ideas?


What are you feeding in here from the particle system?

From what I see in the material, the easiest system I can imagine is to have one dynamic parameter and animate it using a curve in cascade.

That way you should have full control over particle lifetime when which frame occurs.

I’m using the dynamic parameter to animate the speed of the animation phase now, I’ve shifted to use the flipbook unreal node now, and are using the particle relative time node. still cant control the flipbook playthrough though…grrrrrr :slight_smile:

Don’t animate multipliers of absolute values, your just changing the angle of your function, thats why the result doesn’t make sense to you.

If you want to have full controll over your animation, you want to completely omit the multiplier and feed straight into phase, then animate zero to one inside of cascade using the curveveditor.

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