Control worldPosition on Ue4

Hello! Write for the first time. We are currently building a portal FX and trying to control the open of the portal by multiplying the ObjectOrientation node by two axis.

This is a node screenshot. But turning the portal sideways will cause problems. Please see the video.

Is there a node to solve? Or should there be a tutorial to reference if I need to control it with blueprints?

And I want to control the opening and closing of the portal by blueprint, but I am a beginner in blueprint. Please help me!

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Dunno if that’s too late but you could use the Local Position node instead of the World one.

Here’s an example of something similar i made for a custom beam using a mesh:

The mesh was stretching differently if i rotated it because it took the world coordinates, so i thought that using the Local coordinates could solve this… And it did. Hope it helps!