Connecting Beam End to particle position of Child emitter to create lightning streams!

Hi there!

Question about colission spawned particles and connecting the beam end to that point so it feels like Lightning connecting from the simulation space to the Collision point.

How would this usually be approached? Right now I try to do it through Collision events but my ribbon particles then travel through all the different particles instead of only letting the Beam End travel to the corresponding child particles.

For the particles that spawn on the terrain I followed this tutorial from Niels:

So I got that part down. But right now I want to have lightning streams between that upon moving the particles interact with the environment around it, my initial thought is that in some way I attach the Beam End position to the particle position of the Collided particles?

I’m running stuck on this point and kinda clueless as I’m quiet new to Niagara, anybody knows a good approach for this?
Little sketch to show what I meant!

Hi! Have you figured out a solution ?

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I haven’t found a solution yet. But I think I need to create some Local Modules to get more control over this. But I need to see how that works, so still in progress!

Hey! I got something, I don’t know if it is the best way to do it but it works
So firstly I added a curve in the Scratch Module to make the particles spawned on the surface make lerp between center and collision position.
And secondly I created an emitter which makes spawn ribbon from other emitter and that works well!

If you wanna see how it looks :


Will this also work with the Beam Update function under Particle Spawn? So that the beam has consistent end and start points that the ribbon can be one long stream between the point?

And how would you go about setting this up in the Niagara System itself? Any specific things I would need to keep in mind?

But thanks for the reply! I’ll see how this works on my end once I got the time!