Confused about Unreal 4 ShaderComplexity, minimal fx read as highly taxing?

I’m making fx and materials that I often made in Unreal 3 that were the barest most minimal FX I think one can really put into a game, but they’re reading as very taxing in Unreal 4.

I understand that Unreal 4’s base shaders are slightly more complex than Unreal 3, but I don’t understand how I’m intended to know what’s actually taxing on a machine if very simple FX are reading as white in my shader complexity view. How does one know when theyre actually pushing the limits with more complicated shaders and particle counts?

Example of a small time fx blowing out the shadercomplexity:
4 emitters, 25 particles at any one time, all with material intructions of about 50-60. This is too much according to unreal 4.

I believe shader complexity view mode works additively per pixel rather then on a per shader basis.

A bit of overdraw will quickly blow out the shadercomplexity view even with simple shaders.
So I’m assuming in this case it will see your 25 particles with 60 instructions as 1500 instructions per pixel?

Maybe someone can deny or confirm just in case, cause I’m not completely sure.