Community sketch voting - Sketch #40 - Part 1/3: Music


To vote, head over to Sketch 40 - MUSIC (CLICK HERE) and take a look at each entrant, then press the vote button on the top left to vote for your favorites!


SPECIAL: As a note, as specified in our original sketch thread, we will be having 3 winners this month. One first place, and 2 second place. As part 2 of the topic ‘Music’ begins, we will be doing a small adfjustment to the rules where you can then use any of the concepts entered from part 1. Note, we originally only were allowing winning entires. We will be also mentioning this in the part 2 topic. That said, voting here still stands as originally specified, we will be having 3 winners!


  • Create a 2D concept based on the thematic ‘music’. You can make multiple but your final should be a single sequence of concepts or single concept (it’s ok if you make a sequence of concepts play in a gif form for your final entry). Think of the colors, shapes, motion, and how you are tying in the thematic!

Vote timeline:
February1st → February 9th

You can vote on your own entry! We just ask you be honest when rating your own entry and others. We’re all part of this small community and ask you to show respect and intengrity at all times!

Note: you must be trust level 2 or above to vote

We’ll release the results on the 9th! Happy voting :memo::star_struck::heart:

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Helpdesk issue: I cannot vote for a competitor (maybe my trust level is too low?). Button says [Limit] and I get a 403 pop-up on multiple browsers and devices. I get a smaller, greyed-out pop-up message saying I’m out of votes, but I have yet to vote on anything. When I list my votes, nothing is listed.



Hey @GreaseMacaque yeah your trust level is too low, at level 1. We do this to avoid vote manipulation (people creating accounts). Why anyone would do that is beyond me :laughing: but we like to just take precaution!

Check out what we require to achieve trust level 2 here:

Since you’re one of the participants I unlocked level 2 for you! Let me know if you still have an issue.