Combining Square Tileable Texture variants into one Material

The the below example I sort of have working, I can combining two textures, but my goal is to combine 3 or 4 textures into the grid. Also I’m recieving massive texture streaming warnings after doing it this way.

The two texture variants:

The BP and mask I’m using, lerping.

The nodes to the left just keep is scaled properly when scaling my plane.

The Result:

Does anyone have a simpler way of achieving this in a proper efficient manner? Where I could potentially mix 3 or 4 textures?

I would love to see the actual texture streaming warning you got. I can’t say I’ve needed to composite that many textures, that could be planned around for the most part. But for the sake of learning, in theory this is for the most part how I would do it so now i’m curious to see what the log is telling you when you reach the 3rd set of textures. This is only showing 2 sets, correct?