[CLOSED TOPIC] Hearthstone is looking for an FX Artist (Associate or Mid-level)

Hi everybody! Hearthstone is currently looking for a staff- or associate-level FX Artist. You can see the full listing here on the job board. If you like doing a huge range of stylized, whimsical VFX, it’s a great role for that, and you get a wonderful team to boot.

We’re a bit generalist-leaning, so while you’d definitely be doing a mix of mostly VFX and some golden card animations, if you know/are interested in any modeling, scripting, etc., even better! (But not required if you just want to double-down on doing FX magic.) Unity experience is also a huge bonus, since that’s what we work in.

I’ve really loved working on this team so far and am hoping to find someone awesome to join us! If you have any questions regarding the position, portfolio, requirements, etc., I’m happy to chat - feel free to post here or PM/e-mail me (hadidjah@gmail.com). :slight_smile:


Job post has expired on the job board. Archiving this topic for posterity :^]