Chris Haybittle: Sketch #26 Vertex Offset

So I was having a tough time trying to think of an idea for this as this area is pretty much unknown territory to me, so I started looking around at tutorials and other peoples work and have decided to use this as an opportunity to get more familiar with WPO and shaders in general :slight_smile:

My idea is to create an underwater scene with an interactive anemone, fish and other bits and bobs around to try and bring it to life. The opening scene from Finding Nemo is the main reference I will be using for this.


I’m not too sure what I’m expecting at the moment as I’m taking as a learning experience and have quite the busy month a head of me but I’m really hoping to have something submitted by the end!

Instead of throughout the thread, I will keep an updated list up here of the resources I’ve used as an accessible list of handy WPO stuff that could hopefully prove helpful to others in the future:

  1. Material Parameter Collections:
  2. MPC + Vertex Displacement: Material Parameter Collection: Grass Sway – Jess's UE4 Tutorials
  3. Linear Masked UV Sine:
  4. Borrowed some math from @DeepSpaceBanana for the bubble wobble :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Cheap God Rays: [Tutorial] Godrays! - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums
  6. Per inst random sub uvs: Random SubUV material for instanced meshes? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Current State:


Oooh such a cool idea! Gonna keep an eye on this sketch.


Hooo my god ! :smiley: i can’t wait to see more :smiley:

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Superb concept :slight_smile: looking forward for this one


Just splitting this out from the main post so its not lost with updates. Also thank you everyone for your kind words :blush:

Quick update, here’s my first pass getting getting a rough composition down with some ‘greybox’ meshes and shaders:

Some other ideas I’m thinking about putting in are:

  • The current that the turtles used in the movie
  • Water surface + Light rays
  • Other animals, currently thinking some starfish and jellyfish

There’s a high chance I will be using MinionsArts gradient technique ( to texture everything but to keep in spirit of the sketch ill try keep it as much in the shader as possible by using lerps:

Unfortunately I quickly became too busy with school projects to finish this before the deadline so just posting a quick update of where I got up to before moving on to this months sketch :slight_smile:


I wanted to try out some per inst sub uvs on the seaweed but didn’t end up taking it very far

I know this is a horrific case of wasted texture space and overdraw but it was meant to be used as a test :sweat_smile:

same forward vector as ue4 content examples^

The anemone is basically the same as the seaweed but with some player distance tessellation because uhh…

Fish Swim
Fishy wiggles his butt faster when he swims

Most of this was felt like it was really just pulled from different parts of the internet but still learned lots as usual and was fun as far as I got and excited for this next one! :slight_smile:

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