Chaybi: Sketch #27 Ice

Current state:

Hello! There’s a few techniques I have been wanting to play around with and I feel like this will be a pretty good opportunity to start playing around with them on.

I’ll be choosing team ice and plan on doing a Mortal Kombat Fatality type effect.

My first pass setting the base up and playing with timing - animations and models from Mixamo

My priorities for continuing are:

  • Spike spawn
  • Blood and other feedback fx
  • Cinematics - MK-esque

Goodluck everyone! Really looking forward to seeing the stuff that comes out of this one.


Update 2:

  • Added a temporary environment with assets from
  • Sculpted a new shard, textured and created a material for it
  • Added blood feedback using @JangaFX hand-painted blood technique which I really enjoy doing
  • Added blood to the shard on hit
  • Timing adjustments

Here’s my current ice material with instanced parameter values: Shout out to @Kanoba for his breakdown of the Aurora’s sword asset from Paragon, was a help in creating this.

Continuing I will be working on additional elements for the shard and playing around with camera cuts. I have a few more ideas I would like to play around with that could sell the fatality feeling but questioning the scope of it with upcoming assignments :thinking:

Woah, love the scene, animations are great…“good old ultra-violence”))

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