Chaybi: Sketch #27 Ice

Final Version:

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Hello! There’s a few techniques I have been wanting to play around with and I feel like this will be a pretty good opportunity to start playing around with them on.

I’ll be choosing team ice and plan on doing a Mortal Kombat Fatality type effect.

My first pass setting the base up and playing with timing - animations and models from Mixamo

My priorities for continuing are:

  • Spike spawn
  • Blood and other feedback fx
  • Cinematics - MK-esque

Goodluck everyone! Really looking forward to seeing the stuff that comes out of this one.


Update 2:

Here’s my current ice material with instanced parameter values: Shout out to @Kanoba for his breakdown of the Aurora’s sword asset from Paragon, was a help in creating this.

Continuing I will be working on additional elements for the shard and playing around with camera cuts. I have a few more ideas I would like to play around with that could sell the fatality feeling but questioning the scope of it with upcoming assignments :thinking:


Woah, love the scene, animations are great…“good old ultra-violence”))

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Got some rough camera cuts done and a placeholder organ mesh - on that note I hope the violence doesn’t offend anyone :woozy_face: Time for more effects!


Looking cool! I like the camera movement :slight_smile:

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Update time!

The very awesome btfd ( taught me some uv magic and managed to get something this that I reused around the place.

The heart uses a very similar material to the ice shard except the blend is running through the colour rather than opacity with a few additions to its wpo. I used @MrTapas technique for the ice displacement (


There are still a few things that I don’t think are quite right that would like to clean up/fix before the end so hopefully there will be one more post before the deadline!


Brutal ha ha! Lots of really nice detail in the ice shader and that mist - was that mist workflow mentioned in a post on btfd’s feed or an offline conversation? Works really well, regardless, nice job!

Thank you @ryvanc ! :slightly_smiling_face: It was explained in a private conversation which is why I linked his page rather than the workflow - I think he did say somewhere recently about doing a public breakdown of his ice effect soon if he gets the time which would be awesome!

For sure, it’s a nice-looking technique - I’ll keep an eye out, thanks!

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Final update:

Didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to work on this in the last stretch but managed to add a couple more things and tweaks in. Goodluck everyone! This sketch was a fun one :slight_smile:


Awesome fatality! Tornado kicking the frozen heart made me laugh. :rofl: Love the shader/texture on the ice shard & frozen heart :heart_eyes:

Nice anims & camera moves.

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Haha it made me laugh at first too. It was the only animation I could find on mixamo that would fit the sequence though :joy:

Thank you so much! Nice work on your sketch too, I really like the motion and timing of it! :grin: