Celestie — VFX Journey/Sketchbook

Hi! Finally, after some time in read-only, i’m happy begin my VFX journey showcase. Any feedback is appreciated.

For my (kinda) first VFX i choose hit impacts:


Looking good.
I’d add a little more variation to the velocity of the sparks, but that’s about it.
If I really wanna nitpick (without knowing the context) I’d make the bottom star disappear a little faster.

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Welcome on the maaaaagic way :smiley:
Looking nice.
You can try different rythm.
Now you have same (or close enough) dynamic in all three.
However, good start

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After a long time coming back to learning VFX. Here’s my nature shield effect. I’m not very happy with colors and stuff, but i learned a lot of stuff (and without tutorials, yay)

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Minor update on shield VFX. Probably gonna stop there and move onto something new.