Cascade or Niagara?

I want to learn VFX in unreal but do not know if i should learn Cascade or Niagara any input would be very helpful. Thank you

Depends a bit on background and interests.

If you have a background in programming, or scripting, definitely go for Niagara.
Otherwise it’s better to stick with Cascade for now as there is way more information out there to learn from.

And with cascade being simpler to pick up, it all carries over to Niagara anyway.

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i think i would disagree with that actually - niagara is new and there’s less content available to learn from but it’s also the future of pfx in the engine and has a much nicer ui and workflow so i would start with niagara. it might be a littler steeper learning curve but it’s worth it.

check out the intro series i did on youtube as a good starting place for niagara:


Thank you, watching now.