Carrot Spin Attack

Hi all I created this spin attack VFX for this carrot,

I was wondering your thoughts on it maybe some suggestions to make it feel different or better, I’m not sure if it’s too bland. Please feel free to offer some suggestions!


Hi, effect is cut from a context and objective, so it’s hard to tell what is good direction, but let’s try some generic stuff. I suggest you trying to create some Windy effect like slash.

1.Your strips very similar to each other
2.They have direction but emmiting fully at a time on emitting, and you lose fluid motion
3.Image is strangely tiled what make it really looking low quality
4.Effect have only 1 particular apogee part, eye is missing a lot of beginning, ending and connected actions
5.Same behavior of a trail along all time of effect make it x10 flatter

It’s only opinion, if you will try to use it, you will solve it by your own :^> But anyway, you can try to start from sketch of any quality, directional lines and primitives good point to start with, good luck, and thanks for sharing <3