Carlos C: Sketch #38


I’m new to the forum and I’m an aspiring VFX artist who just finished his videogame art masters. I figured these challenges would be fun and a great way to improve my portfolio! (

Looking forward to the feedback and il post my updates!! (still sketching some ideas on what style to make for this sketch)


Finished Effect at


Sounds like we’re in the same boat here haha- I’m also new to the forum and about to finish my masters in gamedev with tech art/vfx! That looks like a really cool idea, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out!


Thanks !!! Il try to post some updates!!!

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After some testing, I decided that it’s going to be an attack. The player will open a portal to outer space and a comet will appear from the portal striking the enemy in an explosion. Small update on the WIP of the space portal! Lighting036


This looks awesome already! :star_struck:
How did you make the space wobble like that? :scream: It’s amazing haha! :smiley:

Thanks!! to make the space wooble what I did was get an image of space and deformed the UV with a twist effect:) I attach a pic of the relevant nodes ( I use Unity but it should be quite similar in unreal)

So the First nodes from the left is just making a UV twist like a spiral, then use it to offset the screen position and finally plug it to the uv of the image:)


I added the trail and an explosion (Implosion Tecnicaly i guess). Its finished now as I cant afford to spend more time on it. It was a very fun challenge!!! I cant wait for next month’s sketch!!
I seem 100% unable to make high quality gifs so please watch it HQ version here.

Animated GIF-downsized_large