Can't fade out particle for some reason

Hi, I tried building a spawn effect with the help of a Youtube tutorial. However, I would like to fade out certain particles at the end of the loop which is not done in the tutorial. I tried doing so by using Scale Color and scaling down the alpha. It works when fading in the bottom ring, but not when fading out.

It seems to work for the first 6 dots that appear, but not for the last three even though i just copy-pasted the emitter…

This is my material + scale color

Screenshot 2022-11-15 122938

Thanks in advance for any help

Normalized age represents the age of the particle over it’s total lifetime, so it only goes to 1.
You’re curve fades out right before 2 so the particle has long died by that point.

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Oh okay, thank you so much! Really appreciate your help!