Can you reproduce this Niagara bug?

I’ve been fighting with Niagara problem since yesterday, basically the system looks different in Niagara menu compared to the world space, does anyone have 5 minutes to recreate this simple setup: Niagara problematic setup and either tell me or make a quick video showing if this system looks the same in the world space?

I even tried recreating this system in 4.24.3 UE version (and many different things) and I encountered the same problem over and over again so I’m trying to figure out if it’s a bug that has been there since forever or it’s just my computer/ engine.

Video of my issue:

Is this a duplicate of this thread? I have replied there. I’ve encountered this and i think it is a slate bug, not really Niagara related.

I just saw this post and the one that you posted in my second niagara thread, in this thread I just asked if someone could try to replicate the bug that I’m encountering to see if the problem is only on my side and in the other post it was the first time that I was seeking any help still thinking that it’s maybe not a bug.

You are the second person confirming that it’s indeed a bug. I reported it to epic almost 2 months ago but unfortunately with no success.

Oh, please only use one thread for discussion about the same issue. Otherwise it might get confusing.

I will be closing this thread.