Can i get some ideas, thoughts criticisms on the art here?

Hey guys. I’m working on a game in my free time, to get better at C++. I’m working on a game where you control a ball through a maze, and you must reach the end before the timer runs out. Traps and walls kill you immediately.

I was looking for more ways to zhoozh it up, and was hoping you guys could provide some insight, or maybe some visual references you think could be coool

i highly reccomend this talk

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Hey ! I appreciate the feedback. IF you’ve got any specific visual references you could share I’d appreciate it. After a few updates, and bug fixes this is what i got.

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it looks great! the flashy punchy feeling is fantastic!
you should definitely add some squash and stretch on the ball.

also it would be cool to see this with some more physics based movement and with a controller, i feel like the 4 way movement feels a bit too limiting for your trail effect.