Camera facing Cylinder Emitter Ue4



I was wondering if anyone knew how to align a cylinder emitter to be camera facing?

I would like to create something similar to the Dr Strange portal with a hole in the middle, so I am emitting on the surface of the cylinder. Is there another way outside of using a mesh emitter since I am using GPU particles?


you can easily do this in blueprint - just get the camera vector every frame and rotate the emitter to point towards it.


you can also try these two in case you want to align it in cascade or the shader:


Thanks guys, going to have a look at both of these. My initial thought was Orbit, then remembered Orbit and GPU particles don’t work together.

So then figured a custom vector field for the motion on the outside of the ring.

No doubts it’ll be a mixture of a few of your ideas, thank you again :slight_smile: