Business Cat: Sketch #12

Started this last night. I’ve got some more updates coming soon.
*this is the source engine, btw


minor touchups and debris particles now
*the choppy framerate was because my cpu was loaded with programs ontop of OBS trying to record gmod


Really awesome work! Love how smoky the main funnel feels and its integration into the larger cloud above. Looks super cool! How are you managing the twisting shape of the funnel, it feels really nice!

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Amazing work. Looks just like a real tornado :stuck_out_tongue:

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so funny…i totally pegged the source engine from what looks like Gary’s Mod. :slight_smile:

Using Source…you got grit, kid!


It’s a couple of operators that twist the particles around a vertical axis, in addition to some velocity noise and more twisting functions - so a good amount of it is actual movement twisting, not just particle rotation.

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So I’ve changed the debris cloud texture and also I keep forgetting to fix the life duration of the wallcloud so it dies last
and also it moves and does damage now thanks to gdisasters


Woah! the timing and scale of this thing are really out of control. Nice work! :smiley:. Did you use a mesh to get the funnel to have that irregular shape?

Not necessarily. The source particle editor is very basic, but it still holds up today. All the motion was done with a few force modifiers, operators, and initializers. All you can really do in the source particle editor is tell a particle to move this certain way, maybe have some oscillation if you’d like, and other basic particle stuff. No fancy vector fields or meshes.

long time no see - been a bit busy
I worked on the debris cloud some more and cleaned up the overall texture of it too - it’s a pretty important part of the tornado


Oh its beautiful :heart:. One of the best tornado (real-time) I have ever seen :heart_eyes:

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So I think it’s safe to say this thing is done.

Here’s a vid of it in the particle editor, with each of its components shown individually to show how it is compiled into the final product. Near the end I do a couple last minute changes, mainly to the wallcloud system.

A lot of the design inspiration came from the Vman’s tornadoes made for Garry’s Mod Storm Chasing back in 2012 ish, and in early 2015 I became the particle dev for that community. Now I’m co developing gDisasters for Garry’s Mod, which is a complete package of disasters and events for Garry’s Mod.