Breakdown of ghost trail

Hi everyone,

I would like to share the breakdown of ghost trail effect. I create a shader that can do three different swing motion and work at the trail of particle system.

You can find it below link.
The breakdown of ghost trail

Enjoy it. Welcome any critique and suggestion.



Hi @ryanzeng! Thanks for sharing.


The only thing that looks a bit off are those stepping artifacts on the trails. Maybe activating motion blur could help hiding those!

Have a great day.

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It is truly trouble me.
Thank you for your good idea.

Have a great week.

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This is because of the fresnel blending, isn’t it? Maybe it looks better without fading by distance…

To me it looks like the blending mode on the shader, when the trail rotates overlaps itself and creates those artifacts.

Or it could even be an ambient occlusion post process darkening the edges of the trail subdivisions. @ryanzeng will tell if he manages to fix it!

Actually, it does not work with fresnel or fading by distance.
It caused by the trail rotates overlaps, as @Lush mention.
It work well on a straight line. But it only happen on the transparent blending mode when the angle of trail is over about 45 degrees.

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Thanks, just like you said.

Maybe I have to try to fix it by the post process.

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