Borniol : Embergen Challenge

Hey I am really starting this one late and I don’t plan to do anything super fancy but embergen looks super fun and this is a great opportunity to give it a shot !!
I will try to post what I get soon, for now the only piece of the puzzle I got is that I want some magic coulds/explosion let’s see where it goes :slight_smile: :mage: :woman_mage:

I played a bit with Embergen it’s so much fun ! It’s actually easier and tought to get into it (at least for the not too complex things I am curently doing)

Look i made an anticipation woosh :cyclone: :

woosh antip

And a Big Poof :cloud:

big poof

Sometimes it’s really cool to go sandbox-style tweaking a bit everything and see where it lands :smiley:

Updated :cyclone:


Updated :cloud:

big poof

When I will find some time I will throw the flipbooks in the engine and figure out how to use them and then add some particles / stuff

I am not explaining too much for now but if you get any question feel free to ask !!


Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

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