Borderlands 3 Lilth Fire Wings Effect

Hey trying to make the borderlands 3 wings from the trailer 1:08-1:10
this is what i currently have using shadergraph in Unity
One mesh
Spot light
Base wings
(Panning flames +UV Warp) - gradient

it seems like something is missing besides making the shape of the flames right.

Comparing them side to side, 2 things, beside the shape you were talking about, came through. One being the sharp transition on the top side of the wings, which is alot smoother in the Trail. The other thing being the bloom that follows that “stringy” ends of the wings. There is more glowing around those parts in the trailer. Also in the video, the panning noise feels like its stretched towards the direction its flowing. Slightly stretching the UV might amplify that effect. Best of luck!:slight_smile: