Border effects?

Hey guys!
I couldn’t find any info on this anywhere so I figured, might as well ask here.
I was wondering how a looping border effect is made, something similar to this:
Red part being the looping bit.

My guess would’ve been a simple scrolling texture, but I quickly realized that the corners wouldn’t work.

So would it be better to create some kind of path that the particle follows?
I’m not quite sure how it’d be best made.

So youre trying to have the red bit pan along the pattern in white?

Yes! That would indeed be the goal.
Sorry for the bad description of what I’m trying to do, haha.

What happens if you pan a red dot along an alpha like that?

You can layout your mesh UV’s so that they connect with move and sew in the UV editor, then you won’t have the weird edge when you scroll something. Hope that helps!


Took me a few minutes to actually get it working for some reason, but worked after all!
Thank you!

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