Bird particle with vertex animation

I don’t post very often here. I thought I’d share a recent personal project I’ve been working on to get some critique. It’s my bird particles :slight_smile:

Inspired much by the fish from Abzu. All animation is done at the shader level, not using a single texture for the movement, but vertex color masks, sines and wizardry.

It doesn’t get as complicated as the actual Abzu fish though. There’s no coding involved at all, they’re just going forward with some random velocity by life and random dynamic parameters to make them differ from each other.


This is great! ABZU’s vertex animation process was incredible to me…still is. Good job.


Thanks! ^^

I realize I haven’t given much details about it. Here are the Instance settings that we can play with basically.
I should reorganize those parameters a bit and clarify some.

Some of those scalar parameters were for me to easily tweak the values, but I think I could come up with some calculations and remove some of them.

I should point out that the animation is far from perfect. It isn’t too obvious but some elements of the bird lose or gain volume depending on the deformations. That’s stuff I still need to figure out.