Best way to show off your work?

I think it’s about time to update my website, but I was wondering what people typically use to show off their work. Art Station? Personalized websites? Videos on Vimeo/youtube? Just wondering what I should spend my time on, and want to hear what you guys think. Also! Feel free to share your work here, I’d love to see it!

Looking at what most headhunters/managers/etc say, Art Station is the way to go.
Everyone is using it, and it results in them having to spend less time browsing/getting the hang of the layout and more time looking at your work.

also, pff I wish I had time to actually work on a portfolio/personal website.

I normally don’t have the time either, but figured it’s worth doing now that I do.

Art Station makes sense, it’s just very difficult to find VFX artists on there. Or at least it doesn’t seem like there are many or that the work they do have I actual VFX work. I just wanna look at more cool stuff!

If artstation added some VFX/TechArt tags, i think it could work. Right now it seems more like a place for 3D/2D Artists. But, I still think a personal website is better when I think about breakdowns/blog posts.

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I’ve been using for a couple of months now. It is not VFX focused but there are some really great indie devs and artists over there. I kinda prefer it over Artstation, it is easier to use, it supports gifs, sketchfab and the community is very friendly. Check it out =]

I just used Google Sites and posted both a YouTube and Vimeo vid of my demo reel along with links to my LinkedIn, game dev focused Twitter, Polycount (I think) and have my resume with a downloadable pdf version. I added a sub section for breakdowns, but I never got that far once I got hired. There’s also very little to break down in my old garbage demo reel anyways haha

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I’ve just used Vimeo for my reel and I use Squarespace for my website.

If your reel is front and center on your homepage, I don’t think anyone will have trouble with layout as long as it loads fast.

I used Vimeo for my reel with detailed description of breakdown in the description. Basic areas of work done in the reel itself.

Ive rarely seen artstation being used for VFX work but I guess it could take off.

Our head recruiter certainly looks at linkedin pages, which could be useful for you. He then prints them out for our leads to take a brief look at before delving deeper. I also keep my reel on there, I’d suggest the same.