Best way to learn how to make VFX textures?

Hi All.
I am just wondering what are some community places I can check out where I can kind of learn how to create VFX textures in various programs. Currently, I am using Photoshop, trying to learn and master that as well as using Substance Designer for certain things if I need a procedural texture. These are my main 2 but I am open to learning more things. I am only now becoming active again since I got some stuff in VR, architectural visualization and some free time in studying.
Any resources will help me and I’d be happy with anything you give.

Okay, think of it like this. You’re not making VFX for their textures, you’re making textures for VFX.

You can’t learn stuff like this in a void. What are you trying to make? What have you made so far? What style are you trying to achieve? All you need is super basic knowledge of PS/Krita/Designer which you can just learn by messing around in the programs or watching random youtube videos.

It is not about the tools. You could make amazing effects with textures made in MS Paint.

Focus on the effect creation process and fundamentals, then you’ll be able to apply them when you make something and be able to iterate and learn texture creation. Don’t put the cart before the horse!
Study other people’s effects, try to recreate them and try to extract textures from your favorite games to study and see how they do it.

Good luck :octopus:


I’ll definitely look into all that. I haven’t had time because exams were creeping up, so I need to still mess around and try stuff. I’ll look at all my VFX tutorials I saved and there is a lot hahaha.

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