Best practices for Bloody VFX?

I’ve spent a few weeks trying to render some quality blood shapes out of houdini and had very little luck. I’ve worked with just about every tutorial out there so I’m taking my case here, if anyone has any best practices with materials, shape, houdini set ups, would really love to pick your minds and pool some passed down info together here

Is it uber photo real you’re going for, or a stylization?

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Pretty photo realistic. It looks like every game has really unique blood splash and it’s kind of fascinating to see. I’m surprised theres not more written about it out there

Have you seen this one?
and this? Making Blood VFX in Assassin's Creed 3
this could be interesting also


Oh yeah those are all wonderful tuts and helped me get as far as I did. The Last of Us one is slightly difficult though when trying to figure out how they get the particles to move at a velocity based on their positions and have surface tension act on them. I haven’t been able to get that working well unfortunately. I appreciate the suggestions

I guess at this point I’m wondering if kitbashing some images online is a faster and more reliable method rather than houdini, for me at least. which is kind of a bummer