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Hey ^^

Long time no post, trying to participate on this one. We’ll see how far I go.
I’ll attempt to make a League of Legends ability in a specific skinline.

The Skinline is:

I’m currently thinking about one of these 3 abilities:

  • Galio Q
  • Ahri Q
  • Karma Q (Empowered)

Wanted to make something simple to avoid scopecreeping myself (like I tend to do).
Until the first post here are some references / inspiration for the skinline:


Gonna start with Ahri’s Q.

For design I’m thinking of a cute small animal, like a poro or a hamster in a hamster wheel that’s gonna represent the signature ball projectile, that Ahri is using. Maybe a disco ball? :smiley:
Breaking down the elements I’m probably need the following:

  • Animated ball (sphere mesh)
  • Trails
  • Tertiary elements (blobby shapes, rounded stars, glitter, whimsy smoke maybe?)

Starting with the blockout animation:

Some Style explorations.
I watched a few spotlight videos to figure out what makes these effects tick.
Based on this I’m just gonna make a few textures to see if I can nail the shapes and the feel first.
I should draw more to practice… :smiley:


Maybe unusual but I started with the projectile. I noticed that Ahri’s Q also have a “ground indicator” that’s following the projectile. Will do that next!

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Okay so, here is the latest iteration. I changed up a lot on the projectile, mainly the cone on the front. It was too whispy and not groovy enough, so I changed up the shapes according to that.

I added one more layer of trail behind the other ones so it has a bit more contrast now.

Finally I added the first iteration of the ground element that follows the projectile.
I’m gonna keep tweeking some stuff here and there and in the meantime move on to the “muzzle flash” and the impact!

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Added a super simple “muzzle flash”. I’m a bit uncertain about the style of it, for now I’ll leave it like that and I might revisit it later.

Next up is the splashy impact.

Okay, so this is what I got currently! If anyone has any feedback, feel free to comment on it! :slight_smile:

In the meantime here is a small breakdown on some of the components:

Part of the Poro shader for the glitter:

Here are the links for the models I used:


I might keep playing with this next week, and I’m currently considering either choosing another ability from the initial list of possible fan-arts or making another spell from Ahri’s kit.

I added / removed a few elements, and calling it done for now.

Here is the “final version”:

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