[Beginner] VFX>Design question

Hi there!

I’m unsure if questions like this are seen as too noob or unprofessional for this forum but I figured i’d ask anyway and if it’s deleted, it is what it is. First, let me explain why i’m asking the question so it may aid in a more helpful response.

I’m a graphic design/motion designer for streamers. I design overlays, panels, alerts, etc. A large chunk of this work has transitioned to animated work over the years. I’ve always had a deep interest in game vfx but never understood how it was all created and so I felt it was far out of my reach and never looked into it further. In recent years i’ve seen some beautiful work on unity and unreal and have started to beg my first question:

Is it possible to design an effect that I can “render” (if that’s the correct term) out as a transparent video so I may incorporate it into my design work? Is there work-arounds for this if you can’t natively just render out effects, or am I completely unable to really bring vfx out of engines to use in this type of way?

My second question is a question i’m sure is asked over and over again but I feel the answer may be different, given the context as to why I want to learn, so i’ll ask anyway:

If there’s any way I can bring vfx out of engines to use in my design work, who do you suggest a new artist start learning vfx? I’m happy to learn either engine. I’d love resource recommendations and anything specific I should look into/look out for that might help my specific needs.

I can’t help but see game HUDs with beautiful vfx on and around them and want that for my own work. The only difference is that the HUD is in the engine too, so i’m hoping there’s a way I can do what i’m looking for because I feel like I could take my work to the next level if I could spend some time learning vfx.

EDIT: I have found the “getting started in VFX?” thread, but i’ll leave the question up in case there’s anythign specific that I may need to know that won’t be on the thread regarding my original question. :slight_smile: