Beginner need Guru advice

Hello VFX gurus.

My name is Andrej and i’m 3D artist who just started learning and practicing VFX in Houdini and have few questions.

  1. I understand movie/animation VFX workflow : Create effect in Houdini(or other soft), render and compose everything together in Nuke.
  2. What about VFX for games. Do I need to know all Game engines in order to start working as VFX artist in video games?

At this point I’m talking about beginner not mid-level VFX artist. I already know ton of CGI software and don’t mind learning more, I just would like to dedicate time to what is necessary to brake in to the industry.

Hi @Andrej_Klimov and welcome to the forum! First off, no you do not need to know every game engine, though the two biggest recommended engines (just pick one to start) are Unity and Unreal Engine 4. They are both widely used and have tons of documentation and tutorials for. If you know a lot about 3d packages and simulating stuff are in a good spot, because honestly that’s a lot to take in. Game engines you can get started very quickly and do a lot with very little, but knowing how to sim stuff will help you further down the line to make very realistic fx.

Aside from searching on here for beginner advice, I recommend getting started with ImbueFX for unreal starting vids (Bill uses the older UDK, but it everything translates 1:1 to UE4) and for Unity, try Sirhaian’s tutes here. Epic Game’s youtube channel has beginner learning videos for their Unreal engine as well, so they are another good place to start. I’m sure some more people will chime in when they can and point you to some other great places too

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I’m no guru, but what I know is that you do NOT need to know all game engines to work as a VFX artist.

Pick your engine that you want to learn in and go from there. I would personally recommend Unity to start with since it is a little less intimidating than Unreal and can get you going.

Both have really solid documentation and there are some tutorials on the web but really, the best thing that will teach you (in my opinion) is just doing it. Find an effect you like from a game and try to recreate it. Then take what you have learned and make cool stuff!

You’ll probably get into it right away since you have an FX background.

If you want to learn Unity, go check out @sirhaian on Youtube and here on the forum. He posts some really awesome Unity stuff and also has some nice breakdowns and tutorials on his channel.

For Unreal, the Unreal Engine Youtube channel has all the basics for Cascade on it which will get you into the UI and workflow. Also ImbueFX has some great Unreal VFX tutorials that are mainly for UE3 but they are fine to follow in UE4. Eat3D has a couple of tutorials as well.

Oh and lastly…this forum is a pretty good resource too :slight_smile:
Post anything you want (related to Realtime VFX) and someone here will give their thoughts and advice.

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I can’t really add much than what’s been said already. I would also recommend checking out @Keyserito’s channel ( and posts, as well as @ShannonBerke’s posts on this forum. Lots of great stuff. :slight_smile:

You should also check out Pinterest for a lot of great references.
And most likely a lot of other great ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can also share with you my “absolutely-wip” VFX course (for Unity). Doesn’t have much yet, but maybe it’ll help you start. :slight_smile:

Finally, feel free to ask if you have any questions, should it be in a private message or in a post. Everyone here is super friendly and willing to help!


You may need to message him instead of he to you. There was a big influx of random people making accounts on here to bug people about GDC party invites, so they stepped up the messaging requirements for new people.

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Oh, thanks for the heads-up, I wasn’t aware of this!

Thank you very much for prompt and informative response. My list of most visited websites and Youtube channels just grown thanks to you. I’m very happy to be a part of such amazing community.
I can’t wait to start creating magic and destroy building or two.
Stay tuned for my first explosive, destructive and magical steps :slight_smile:


Hi! The guide has a little problem for me, everything past “Ease out” doesnt render. Does that happen to you?

It’s normal. :slight_smile:
That’s because I never quite got the time to finish it. Sorry! :frowning:

Ah thats ok! Was looking for a guide for some more complex animations but for now im looking for texture making tutorials! Anything you can think of that can help me with that?

Hello,Hasn’t the article been finished yet?
This article is great. Thank you very much!

hi sir. I would like to ask if you were able to finish the vfx course? my copy has only up to the ease out lesson. I would be grateful to have the complete one if you were able to finish it. I am learning alot from the lesson so far. thanks alot. hoping for your response thanks.

Sadly, life happened and I do not have time to complete this anymore, sorry… :frowning: