Beautiful abstract web-based painting tool

Every now and then, when I’m too deep into shaders or tech, I pull this up and scribble something for a little artistic inspiration and freedom.


That’s lovely Keith :slight_smile: Reminds me of


best thing to pass the time with! :slight_smile:

Very cool, is there a way to control what sound it uses for the shape control? I could see taking this out outside on my cintiq with a mic and making some really cool scribbles

Holy Cow Sticks!

Pretty awesome for spewing out quick aura effect shapes and textures. I found it a little easier to use than flame painter.


Really cool tool! remind me of a really cool brain X-ray :slight_smile:

*Alien brain X-ray of course.

its funny i got here by looking for webs for a spider web effect, totally not what the OP meant when they said web but it works perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: