Back to school for programming?

Hi guys, I’m currently a junior vfx artist st a AAA studio that everyone knows and although I like it, I find I’m more interested in programming and also, when I look at where the industry is going as well as the office politics…I feel like adding programming to my skill set is very important.

Im good at math, did well in logic and took some programming classes back in community college that I liked.

Im just worried that this job I have now might be the best job I’ll be able to get in a long while and not sure if I should leave it to go back to school.

So I guess I’m wondering, what would you guys suggest?

Most people tell me why can’t I just study on my own time, but I feel like i don’t quite have the discipline for that and also, having a degree in comp sci is just a nice back up, just in case of anything.

Any advice is welcome!

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< failed pre-calc and ap comp-sci, otherwise would absolutely take a programmer route - all my code friends have good career trajectory; most of my artist friends struggle to maintain stable work

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difficult choice and at the end of the day only you can really make this decision. A lot of it will come down to money - having a comp sci degree would be great but can you afford another 3 years at school getting in debt, when you already have a job?

If you dont have the discipline to work in your spare time then what makes to you think you’ll have the discipline to get a good grade in the degree?

in terms of just staying in VFX - there’s lots of fx roles that are very technical and math focused so there’s definitely potential within the industry for you to find a job that better matches your skill set. Personally I learned a lot of the programming knowledge though Materials and Blueprints and am now moving on to Python in Maya and C++, all while working in VFX.

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