Automatically cropping/resizing image sequence in AE?

Hey everyone.

I am currently looking for ways to simplify my workflow and make it more efficient but i need a little help. I am looking for a way to automate the crop/rescale/transform steps i do in after effects so the sequence fills as much of the frame as possible. Normally i do these steps by hand but it is tedious and takes awhile to get a good result.

Does anyone know of any custom plugins/tools or expressions that would speed up this process? Something that would rescale and apply any transforms to the sequence so it fills the frame as much as possible. Perhaps based on the alpha channel?

I have looked into auto resize expressions and things like fit but none of these seem to work across the entire composition, only per frame which introduces jittering into the animation.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


if you’re trying to resize your composition and everything in it at aonce there’s a useful scale composition script

Ther are also some other ones in there, but i use that one the most so I dont have to size up everything by hand, whenever i change the comp scale. (which is rare btw. I usually just try to work in the desired size. )