Automatic Dissolve Effect


Hello I was hoping to get some help with an effect I’m attempting to create but seem to have hit a bit of a bump along the way

I’m attempting to create a rune effect that automatically dissolves into existence for the most part I’ve been following this tutorial

but I wanted my effect to dissolve once into the scene once and not be triggered by being shot i’m not sure if there was a way achieve this effect in the material editor or if it was something to do with blueprint


You want to dissolve material this when the actor first spawns? The simplest solution would be to go into the blueprint, and, starting from the BeginPlay event, add a Timeline, which, on Update, goes to a SetScalarParameterValueOnMaterials node. Double-click the Timeline and create the curve, and then link the curve’s value to the value in your SetScalarParameterValueOnMaterials node.