Attempting Fractal Flames in Unreal 5

Hello there!

I’m attempting to create Fractal Flames with Niagara in UE5 but I’m hitting the limits of my tech-art know-how. The main issue that I’m having is that I’m not sure how to efficiently iterate the necessary calculations in one step (or frame) of the engine.

There is a very fine Houdini tutorial that I’m attempting to adapt for Niagara here:

and here is some of the math behind it:

So far, I’ve created a Niagara system that spawns the number of particles and tried to create custom modules that will run a calculation, set a point’s position as the result of that calculation then take the result of that to run the next iteration for the next particle. The trouble is that I don’t think the position actually updates until the next frame so the math isn’t working. I’ve tried messing about with local parameters within the custom module - hoping I can have it store a value as it processes sequential points but I haven’t had any luck there either.

I’m wondering if anyone has pointers or advice on how they might tackle something like this. Any info is helpful.

Thank you!