Assimby's Sketchbook

Hey, so I’ve been posting some of my work occasionally on Discord, but I figured it would be better to put it all here, this way it doesn’t get lost with time.
Please do not hesitate to give feedback and criticisms, I need them to improve ! :wink:


I’m not gonna leave this first post blank, so here’s some effects I made during the last week :



I’m trying to learn both traditional and 3D VFX as you can see, so it’s gonna be very diverse I think, let me know what you think ! :slight_smile:


Beautiful stuff, can you talk through your green smoke and your approach. It’s great!

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I like it man, with the coint toss you can try to leave the sparks at the end a longer for a more juicyer feeling

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So the green smoke effect is a “spawning” effect that’s supposed to be put in an isometric setting. That’s why you see a part of it coming down.
I do know that it’s a bit hard to understand without context, but i’ll try to add more context to it once I gather my work to make a traditional fx reel.
As for the inspiration, my main reference was Dofus’ spawning fx. I couldn’t find an image on google but it looks close to this

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Thanks, yeah i’ve hesitated about doing that, my concern was that it would affect readability and the “quickness” of it.
I know adding timing contrast looks good, but in my head that effect could be casted multiple times quite quickly, so I didn’t want to leave it too long on screen
I’ll probably give it a shot when I have time though, thanks for the suggestion

Hello darkness my old friend :wave:


Ahh, which program did you animate in? Sorry I was particularly vague about my question.:wink:

Hey, this is done in Unity :+1:

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Butterflies :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :rhinoceros: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:


Magic grenade :volleyball::boom::right_anger_bubble:


Hey it’s been some time, I made this sand shader yesterday and thought I would post it over here :slight_smile:
It’s inspired by Journey, I think it’s pretty obvious :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunately, the compressing makes the sparkles in the sand less apparent and messier, also the sand is more grainy. Since this is per-pixel details, it doesn’t come out great with compression :confused:
Feel free to give feedback, or ask questions if you have any. :ok_hand:


Here’s a still shot so you can see the “graininess” a bit more


Hey, Cool stuff! Are you using a flipbook in the green smoke effect? Or something else?

Hey it’s just flipbook yeah, it’s traditional animation :wink:

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nice sand! but it looks a bit too “wet” too me. i think journey is a good reference for strong spec reflections but still a dry look:

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I agree I still have to figure out a better way of doing ocean type spec reflections, right now i’m doing calculations based on Blinn-Phong Half vector, but it’s not working really well. If you have any references or suggestions for that, don’t hesitate to share them, I’d appreciate it a lot :wink:

Also the shader is pretty flexible, I can also have less wet sand, and even snow-like behaviour :

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Amazing… :slight_smile: loved it

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