Assimby: Sketch #34 [Splash]

Hi !
Joining in a bit late but I’ll try to get something done for this month.
The goal is to create a tentacle explosion effect similar to what we can see in Splatoon.

Latest Update:


Also implemented a painting method similar to Splatoon using render textures :slight_smile:
(The paint shader still lacks thickness faking, except for the normal map, I struggle to make it look more thick)

I’ll try to combine these two effects in the final version.



Nicely done :sparkles:

Seems like we’re working on the same concept here! Heheheh

Let me try to do something a bit different so we don’t end up creating the exact same sketch entry :new_moon_with_face:

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Thanks ! :sparkles:
Yeah I saw that, I mean it’s always interesting to see how a similar effect can be achieved differently from one artist to another, so I completely don’t mind if you’re making the same type of effect :+1:

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NICE! Excited to see how this goes :slight_smile:

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New UPDATE, made a tentacle, made a “hit” vfx, and put the effects together
Next step is polishing the actual explosion and make it look good :slight_smile: