Assimby: Sketch #16 WIP

Last update :

Hey there, couldn’t wait to put something together for this new challenge, so I guess i’ll be the first topic this month :wink:

Here is the first WIP of the spherical, magical shield :

That’s the core of the effect, I’m gonna be working on adding more details, but I’d like to know what you guys think about colors, shapes, timing, that kind of stuff ? :thinking:


This is a nice start, I think you must work on Motion and animate the sphere (i can see the scale apply to the sphere) but maybe you need to improve the movement and the scale at the Start and the End, For the shapes try to make it less sharpen when it fade and you can also try to use fresnel on the dome part to erase the sharp of the mesh. Add particles to get a better render with your motion too.


The dissolving looks pretty neat :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedbacks, I did some improvements, what do you think ?